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We provide high-quality floor cleaning, grinding and densification products for the construction and janitorial markets.

Expert Densifier and Polisher

First impressions always matter. A brightly polished concrete floor goes a long way to attract customers. Axion Chemical Technologies is a top specialist in concrete floor polishing and densification. Polished and densified concrete is becoming more and more trendy for its artistry and environmentally friendly qualities. We provide both convenient and aesthetically pleasing services that will save you tons of money on maintenance. Our products enhance the resistance of your concrete flooring to water and strong chemicals.

Strengthening and protecting your concrete

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Latest Products

Axion Chemical Technologies has the latest products to strengthen and polish your concrete floors. Industry professionals who have been using our densifiers and polishers have testified that our products are among the best on the market.

Our densification products are used for both new and old concrete floors as they enhance shine and durability. Furthermore, our cleaners and guard products, they are used to help clean and remove efflorescence from concrete. We can also supply the necessary tools and materials for polishing as well as provide technical assistance and training.

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We offer innovative and affordable floor polishing services.